Buying Over theCounter MedicinethroughOnline Merchant Sites

Online shopping is no great task now. Based on statistical sources for the year 2015, more than 80 percent of the population shopped through E-commerce.When you get every single item which you would get by visiting all the stores in a city market under one roof, which is your room, office or vehicle with the added benefit of discounts and free products, why would you sweat out in the sun? Shoppers do nothesitate to buy any regular product from the online merchants, not even vegetables,andfruits, but there is one item which still brings in some resistance. That shopping list is the pharmaceutical products, particularly the medicinal drugs.I never even had the dream that one day I will also start ordering medicines from online medical stores.

How I finally turned to the internet to shop medicines

Ever since I became a mother, I became a regular online shopper. Bags, apparels, books, electronics, decor, baby items, toiletries and cosmetics, everything came through courier to me. It never occurred to me that I would need to buy medicines from any online store. I always used to keep stock of emergency medicine and first aid whenever I went out and happen tosee a medical store.

The thought came to my mind when the special medical cream I was using for my baby was nowhere to be obtained at any of the local medical stores. We had recently shifted to a new place and the medical cream was manufactured in the previous city. This part of the country used some other medicated cream for that skin condition.

We approached some big central stores to order the cream for us. They agreed and noted the details. Even after several weeks of waiting, we found no positive response. The alternative creams did not give the same appreciable resultfor the baby as the first one.

At one particular moment, I typed for the cream on the internet. I was surprised, for I saw some online medical stores offering the cream and its variants, that too with discounts onthe first page of the search result.Now, the start-ups and E-Commercesites selling other regular and luxury goods are popular throughout, with many of them coming into the news headlines every now and then. Television and media are flooded with their advertisements. However, I have never come across any noticeable mention ofanyonline pharmaceutical store.

Finding a trustworthy merchant is the mega step

Withmuch hesitation, I started to refer every site one by one. The first site looked alright, but when I searched for the product inside the medical store website, it was informed as out of stock.The site showed a link telling to click hereto get informedon the arrival of fresh stock by clicking here.I clicked the next, and althoughthe main internet search page showed the product, the internal search within the website displayed zero results.

I lost the little bit of hopeand trustI had developed in the online buying of the medicine and carelessly looked the remaining one or two sites. One of those sites had the product, but the site was full of advertisements and flash messages and I did notfeel it was safe to proceed.After a few days, again due to some conscious indication, I hit the Google.

The search result was almost previous as the first attempt. The same store was mentioned first and I proceeded toit. This time, it was a miracle; the cream was available and withasignificant discountwhich was above the delivery charges also. The total amount was not high since I was on trial and ordered only one batch.

The confirmation mail, mobile message,andexpected delivery dates increased my trust on the site. On the third day, the order was delivered smoothly. My first experience was extremely successful and I repeated the same for an out of station laxative after some days. I am now a regular online shopper for both the medicines and have found them the most convenient.

I was so convinced about the websites since they are very particular about the prescription medicines and pass the order only after verifying the uploaded prescription from a registered physician. The second affirmative result has finally led me to trust both the online medical stores and wouldn't twitch a bit for continuing the medical shopping with them.